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January 12th, 2017 09:34

Prospect: Juanye Colon
School: Atlantic City Episcopal Academy
Class 2017
Prospects On The Rize: High Major

January 12th, 2017 09:34

Prospect: Juanye Colon
School: Atlantic City Episcopal Academy
Class 2017
Prospects On The Rize: High Major

January 12th, 2017 09:34

Prospect: Juanye Colon
School: Atlantic City Episcopal Academy
Class 2017
Prospects On The Rize: High Major

January 12th, 2017 09:33

Prospect: Juanye Colon
Prospects On The Rize 2017 High Major

January 8th, 2017 12:09

Tennessee EDGE 11u at Rocky Top Hoop Seen invitation, Gatlinburg, Tn. 2016


January 8th, 2017 01:46

2016, Hoop Seen, National showcase...Tennessee EDGE 2016 14u Basketball team

Finished Final 4, Div. 2 National Champions, Atlanta, Ga.


January 8th, 2017 01:42

High school "FAB48" camp pictures 2016, Nashville, Tn.


January 8th, 2017 01:41

Prospects On The Rize..
High school "FAB48" Showcase


August 18th, 2016 19:29

Dayton, OH get ready for fall session
Prospects on the Rize "FAB48" powered by Sports Digest, girls high school Midwest exposure showcase

Open to: Elite 11th & 12th Gr. HS girls

Register Here - http://prospectsontherize.com/camps

August 15th, 2016 13:16

2016 “FAB48” Exposure Showcase
Powered by “Sports Digest”

Nashville, Tn. summer session weekend of July 30, 2016

Music City, Nashville, Tn. was the site for the 2016 end of summer “FAB48” exposure showcase. Coach Thompson, President of “Prospects On The Rize”, said that the talent level this year was great. Special thanks to Coach Jim McDowell, Lebanon High School, Head Boys Varsity basketball coach for allowing us to use their beautiful facility, and our event ran very smoothly.” I would also like to thank my staff for their time and support helping to make sure things ran great this weekend. Lastly, special thanks go out to coach Travis McAvene, GM at Team USA Jones Cup and Head Men’s Basketball coach for FIBA Mitchell America’s Cup. Because of coach McAvene’s involvement this year, we received several Midwest kids looking to show their skills and talents. Coach McAvene also made the trip and put in some work with our 2016 Prospects On The Rize “FAB48” campers. He took the time to talk the players about expectations of playing at the next level, as well as the work ethic they must have in order to make the cut. He put the players through some great drills and stayed to evaluate them, giving good advice. My hat goes off to him, and I look forward to working with him on future camps.

Upperclassman Report:

Quinton Green, 6’5 ½ (Wing)
Grove City, OH, (Home School)

This year’s talent pool was very strong, headed by our upperclassman prospect and most outstanding player at this year’s showcase, Quinton Green, class of 2017, 6’5 ½ rising senior from Grove City, OH. This kid has the total package. He has great size, can handle the ball with great control, shoots above average from the field, has great range from 3 point, and has the ability to play point guard, shooting guard, or small forward. Quinton is home schooled and maintains a 4.0 GPA. College coaches, this kid’s a sleeper and being from the Ohio area, he has the ability to play in the MAC Conference with no problem. If the kid has a break out senior year, you better watch out because he’s a joy to watch.

Akeem Atilola, 6’10 (Post)
Hopkinsville HS, Hopkinsville, KY
Class 2016

The “FAB 48” was graced by the presence of Akeem Atilola, 6’10 International player, from Hopkinsville HS, Ky, by way of Nigeria, Africa. Akeem, is still learning this game, but at 6’10 he has a great work ethic and is going to go very far. He’s a natural shot blocker and rebounder and plays well on the defensive end. As his offensive skills improve, he’s going to be a dynamite back to the basket player. Although he hasn’t played basketball for very long, his upside is tremendous. Currently, he’s a high D2 or D1 mid major type player. With more skill development, his stock will rise, as he gets better.

Caleb Maggard, 6’6 ½ (Wing)
Oak Hill HS, Marion, IN
Class 2016

Continuing with our upperclassman prospects, the most physical and all around post player at the showcase was Class of 2016 Caleb Maggard, from Oak Hill HS, Marion, Ind. The 6’6, 220 lbs. wing/post has committed to a prep school in Atlanta, Ga. The kid is physical on the boards, can handle the ball, shoots well from mid-range, and is a great post defender. He needs to increase his speed and shooting range. When this kid finishes up the prep school next summer, he’s going to be a great D2 or D1 mid-major player.

Jake Grader, 6’5 (Post)
Ingram Academy, Franklin, TN
Class 2017

The other post player from our upperclassman prospects who had a great showcase was Jake Grader, aka “Kevin Love”. The 6’5, 195 lbs. post player from Ingram Academy, Class of 2017, located in the Nashville, TN area played very well throughout the weekend. Grader has tremendous hands for a post player and has great footwork around the basket. He can also step out and take the 3-point shot. Defensively, he’s very strong on the boards, blocks out well and can guard multiple size posts players. This kid has a great attitude and excellent work ethic. Coach Thompson says, “although Grader doesn’t look like your typical post player, when he starts to play his knowledge of the game and physical play allows him to even the playing field.” He won several camp contests this weekend, showing his competitive nature. The kid needs to have a solid senior season, and if he does, I think he has the ability to be a solid D2 player.

Tyler West, 6’3 ½ (Shooting Guard)
Mt. Juliet Christian HS, Mt. Juliet, TN
Class 2017

All exposure showcases have that one kid, who’s the Steph Curry of the bunch, and this year that kid was none other than Tyler West. West, a 2017 senior from Mt. Juliet Christian Academy, located in the Nashville, TN. area was a sharp shooter this weekend. He’s a 6’3 1/2, 165 lbs. shooting guard. West has range and can fill it up. Once he sets his feet, you can pretty much book it. The kid won our showcase 3 point shooting contest and gave us no let down during live play. He needs to get stronger and increase his ball handling. West is coming off of a solid summer of playing AAU basketball and will need to take this momentum into his senior season. He has the opportunity of opening a lot of coach’s eyes, if he can shoot lights out during the 2016-17 high school season. Currently, West has the ability to play NAIA or D3, and if he works hard to improve his overall skills, he can play at the D2 level.

Cole Chaudions, 6’6 ½ (Post)

Martin Luther King HS, Nash, TN

Class 2018

Lastly, Cole Chaudions, class of 2018 and a rising junior at Martin Luther King, HS, Nashville, TN. Standing 6’6 ½ and still growing, Chaudions has a great all-around game that makes him a great recruit and very coachable, on and off the court. Cole, who trains weekly with Coach Thompson, is quickly moving up the watch list in Nashville, TN. “He has a great attitude”, says Coach Thompson, “and he comes to work hard each and every training session that we have.” He wants to get better and works hard at it. He needs to get stronger and add weight, but he has great hands and has extended his shooting percentage, both mid-range and 3point. Currently, he is getting interest from High Academic D3 and a few D2 schools as well. Notable big man was Heston King, 6’5 Macon County, TN, Class 2018

Here’s this past weekend notables:

Summer session 2016 “FAB48” Upperclassman notables:

Cole Chaudions, Martin Luther King HS, Nashville, TN Class 2018
Chase Danko, Lebanon HS, Lebanon, TN, Class 2018
Ricky Yang, Diocesan Boys HS, Atl. Ga., (Hong Kong) Class 2016
Calen Blevins, Karns HS, Knoxville, TN, Class 2016
Colton Jones, Tuscaloosa Christian HS, Vance, AL. Class 2017
Tucker Hicks, Siegel HS, Murfreesboro, TN. Class 2018
Caleb Blevins, Karns HS, Knoxville, TN. Class 2016
Heston King, Macon County HS, Lafayette, TN., Class 2018
Bryant Reynolds, White House HS, White House, TN. Class 2018
Eddie Jackson, Lebanon HS, Lebanon, TN. Class 2018
Noel Mulaski, Lebanon HS, Lebanon, TN. Class 2018
Ty Banks, Lewis County, Hohenwald, TN. Class 2018

Underclassman Report:

This year’s underclassman report saw some outstanding prospects. The class was headed by two of the most outstanding young guards from the Nashville, TN. area. Barnell Davis, Jr. 5’9, (5’9) Barnell Davis, Jr. (BJ), Class of 2019 and Javonte Platt, Class of 2020 is a sight to see.

Barnell Davis, Jr. (BJ) 5’9 (PG)
Brentwood Academy, Brentwood, TN
Class 2019

Barnell Davis, Jr. aka (BJ) comes from a long line of family athletes, and it shows. This flashy 5’9 145 lbs, point guard, from Brentwood Academy HS TN., class of 2019, is phenomenal with the ball in his hands. He pushes the ball excellent in transition and see’s the floor very well. BJ understands how to put people in scoring position, can shoot lights out, can get to the basket with ease, and if your defense is not up to par, he will embarrass you off the bounce with his array of moves. Coach Thompson says this kid is dangerous and is only a sophomore. If he can put on weight and add muscle, the kid is definitely a D1 prospect. I’m glad to have him as a member of the class of 2016 Prospects on the Rize “FAB48”. Brentwood Academy’s boy’s basketball Coach Hubie has another star in the making. I will be talking about this kid to every major coach in America. I think he’s that special. BJ, in my opinion is a D1 or high D2 level guard hands down.

Javonte Platt, Jr (JJ), 5’10 (PG)
Stewart’s Creek HS, Murfreesboro, TN
Class 2020

The second part of the duo is a young up and coming Javonte Platt aka (JJ). The 5’10, 150 lbs point guard, from Stewarts Creek HS, Murfreesboro, TN has already made a name for himself on the AAU circuit during the summer of 2016. He’s very quick with the ball from end to end and can be a nightmare for his opponent in the open court. He has worked hard to extend his jump shot and makes good decisions with the ball. He plays hard, great defense but needs to continue to learn the game, as he matures. Coach Thompson states, “JJ has been training and working out with me since he was in 6th grade and to see his quick development over the past few years is incredible. He has great family support and his Dad is constantly getting advice from coaches, scouts and myself alike in order to get JJ to the next level.” He needs to improve on his decision-making and ability to get his teammates involved, and make better decisions while in transition, but that will come with more experience. As he gets stronger and learn how to play next level basketball, over the next few years, this kid has the ability to be one of the best we’ve seen around the area in a long time. He has played well at camps like Future 150, Hoop Group, CP3, and John Lucas. If he stays on pace JJ will be a D1 prospect coming out of the class of 2020.

Franklin Daniel, Jr. (Frankie), 6’0 (Combo Guard)
Stewart’s Creek HS, Murfreesboro, TN
Class 2019

Another guard out of this class is Franklin Daniel, Jr., 6’0 Combo guard from Stewarts Creek HS, Murfreesboro, TN. He’s in the class of 2019. Franklin, aka “Frankie” is not loaded on his offensive skills, but this kid is a defensive stopper. All coaches love kids who play defense and Frankie is that kid. He loves to match up with the best guard on the floor and shut him down. Coach Thompson says, “Frankie is very strong for his age and plays physical every time he steps on the floor. I love putting him on better guards, because he frustrates them and can take them completely out of their game plan.” Frankie needs to improve on his footwork and offensive skills, but he trains weekly with coach Thompson and his transformation is starting to show. He shot the ball well this past weekend and had a great showcase. Both he and JJ Platt attend Stewarts Creek HS and the future looks great for Coach Hooper.

Tony Thompson, Jr., 6’0 (Wing)
Croft Middle School, Nashville, TN
Class 2021

The only middle school player to play in this year’s “FAB 48” showcase was Tony Thompson, Jr., 6’0, 150 lbs 8th grader, from Croft Middle School, Nashville, TN, class of 2021. Tony, aka “Lil Tone”, has tremendous footwork defensively and loves to defend the other teams best player. At his age, he is very big for his size and still growing. Coach Thompson says, “this year “Lil Tone” has worked on getting stronger, shooting the ball better, becoming a better ball handler, understanding the game and developing an aggressive style of play that defines him. As this kid gets taller and bigger look for him to make some noise in high school around the Nashville area in the near future.

Underclassman notables:

David Green, Lebanon HS, Lebanon, TN, Class 2020
Jack Thurman, Brentwood HS, Brentwood, TN., Class 2019

Supporting Colleges and Coaches:

Edison State Community College, Ohio
Volunteer State Community College, TN
Cumberland University, TN
Cleveland State Community College, TN
Chattanooga State Community College, TN
Fisk University, TN

Article written by,
Tony Thompson
Prospects On The Rize
High School “FAB48” showcase
Summer session 2016








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